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Future of Boards

3-4 OCTOBER 2023​


Moving toward a diverse, 
in tune global board

The role of the board is evolving in globally amid digital disruption, socioeconomic volatility, and increased scrutiny of board makeup and accountability. According to our recent survey, boards of the future will be expected to take a more active lead in steering their companies on issues such as embedding a purpose-driven culture, corporate reputation, and long-term value creation.

Future of Boards_edited.png

Pearl Zhu

"The real strategic differentiation is to create true value, look forward, not backward, and present the advanced uniqueness to shine through.” 

Author, Digitizing Boardroom: The Multifaceted Aspects of Digital Ready Boards

Maria Martinez

. . . it’s a great time for the enterprise but it’s also a great time for technology leaders to position themselves for space in the boardroom. This is a career-defining moment.”

Chief Operating Officer, Cisco

Amit Zavery

“Become a change-ready organization. This goes beyond being able to deploy a new tool or process — it means building a culture and communication structure that is ready, willing and able to adapt to any change. 

VP and Head of Platform, Google Cloud

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