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Why Sponsor
The Congress

The Congress offers a unique opportunity to increase your organization’s brand awareness to a diverse cross-section of CEOs and key decision-makers, from public and private corporations, based in countries from around the world.

Position your organization as a leader in governance, innovation, sustainability by taking advantage of one of our exclusive packages available throughout Future of Boards Congress and the wider 'On The Agenda' Series. 

In addition to the specific benefits described for each of the sponsorship categories, Future of Boards offers your organization the following benefits:

Leaders in Innovation

Brand your organization as a leader in smart future enablers, virtual experience tools, crisis management and business continuity as well as smart learning.


Publicity & Communication Alignment

Sponsorship helps to develops brand identity, and sponsoring the Congress will ensure that your organization’s brand and message are highly visible and accessible to decision-makers attending the Congress.


Networking & Access

An opportunity to network with like-minded corporations participating in Innovation Arabia and meet some of the most influential people in smart future technology, smart learning, virtual experience, crisis management and business continuity.


Media Partnerships & Marketing

The Congress also offers a unique opportunity for mutually beneficial publicity by partnering with the Congress as a Media Partner; giving your organization access to all congress delegates and providing you with valuable prospects.


Download Prospectus 

Great to hear from you, our team will be in touch with you shortly with the sponsorship prospectus.

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